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Web Hosting: e-mail solutions

E-mail routing

Once you have a domain name registered, your e-mail address will reflect the company name, bringing increased brand awareness and a recognition that your company is participating in the communications revolution.

Depending on the size and location of your company, you may require either:

  • a simple e-mail forwarding solution, where all e-mail is routed to a single e-mail post box and dealt with by one office.
  • a multiple e-mail routing where each e-mail address is routed to a different mailbox, perhaps even on different systems.

E-mail accounts

As part of the standard package you will have 10 e-mail accounts, more can be provided if required. For each account there is a simple web based form which will allow you to set the forwarding address and create e-mail aliases, which gives you an unlimited number of e-mail addresses. There is also a 'vacation message' facility, which allows you to edit a message which can, when the facility is selected, be automatically sent as a reply to each e-mail you receive.


Similar to the vacation message, this is a system which allows you to provide simple and automatic responses to regular queries. By setting up an autotransponder, mail addressed to a particular address at your domain will trigger an e-mail response containing the requested information.

For example: a message to - might automatically e-mail back to the enquirer a message containing the current price list for your products.

The response could just as easily be a newsletter or information update; the possibilities are endless.

Mailing List

If you wish to e-mail regular information to selected customers we can set up a mailing list for you. This will allow visitors to your site to subscribe and un-subscribe themselves to your newsletter, leaving you free to manage the content.