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Web Design - FAQ

Why have a site?

Many companies have asked the question, why do we need a website? Your company may have survived for years without one, so why do you need one now?

The most prominent reason is that your market place is becoming more competitive and your competitors are probably using the Internet to promote themselves. Even if you have no plans to create an on-line empire, you cannot afford to put yourselves at a competitive disadvantage.

A website allows you to promote yourself to a larger audience than ever before and can help you to display more of your products and services, to both current and potential clients. The ability to trade online gives you a potential shop in every home.

Even without using your web site for on-line sales, almost 50% of the UK population now use the Internet, and e-mail is rapidly becoming the expected mode of communication. Having your own domain name and web site shows potential customers that you are serious about communicating with them.

Most companies are now deciding that it isn't a case of "can we afford to have a website" but rather "can we afford not to".

What will it cost?

Until we meet with you and determine your exact requirements it is impossible to quote an accurate price. Once we have discussed your plans we will provide a detailed site specification, with a complete price breakdown.

With this starting point, we can tailor the exact specifications and facilities to meet your budget.